Jason Hope Philanthropy—Focus and Overview

Jason Hope, a successful entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist and investor, is a valuable contributor to the cycle of universal giving.

jason-hopeJason Hope demonstrates a strong passion for advancements in technology as well as for returning empowering wealth to his community and the country. A native resident of Arizona, Jason Hope spent his youth in Tempe and graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in finance. Subsequently, he received an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU, and the rest is innovative history. Along with his passion for making generous philanthropic and business contributions, Jason has a well-focused interest in politics relative to industry at both state and national levels. Jason has the rare talent and skill to see the current inventive technologies, scientific trends and business initiatives as moving forward to advance our societies and lifestyles. He moves ahead conceptually, also applying practical visualization to understand them, offering astute and fascinating yet clearly understandable explanations as enlightening revelations to his readers, followers and admirers.

  • Jason Predicts Future Technology Breakthroughs

  • Jason combines his unique talents and skills as a futurist with a true passion for a concise, transparent view and comprehension of constantly evolving technologies. With his clear perceptions and understanding of these recurring breakthroughs in advanced technical industries, Jason predicts future directions, discoveries and realized trends in technology. It is his belief that the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT), or globally connected technologies, is likely to be a major influencer affecting future society as a whole, gaining sustained power from the increasing volumes of modern devices with connectivity. For companies of all sizes and entrepreneurs searching for the most advantageous ways to capitalize on and benefit from future technologies, Hope’s futuristic insights and advice are of vital impact. His projections of clearly envisioned movements on the horizon for technical advancements are unique and unparalleled in value for higher-tech companies of the coming decades.

  • Hope Reaches Out to Give Back

  • Jason Hope is dedicated to giving back, or returning wealth, to charities that are of major interest and concern to him. During past years, he has contributed generously to the SENS Research Foundation, and he continues to donate while playing a primary part in helping this organization raise community, national and global awareness about its vital work through his published and widely read writings. Since the year 2009, SENS has given financial support and encouragement to research focused on regenerative medicine and conducted in conjunction with research scientists and universities in worldwide locations. Through the SRF Research Center, top-rated specialists with experienced expertise in biotechnologies for rejuvenation have combined their exploratory efforts and research study results. SENS currently offers training to students, including undergraduates, who desire to devote their careers to biomedicine and research concerning anti-aging.

  • Jason Envisions Human Condition Improvement

  • Jason is passionate about contributing to the improvement of the human condition, especially concerning anti-aging technologies and treatments. He believes strongly in regenerative medicine, which is the central core of SENS research, and on preventing degenerative medical problems. He advocates repairing and fortifying the body before degenerative and debilitating health conditions like diabetes, heart problems and Alzheimer’s disease can occur. By conducting ongoing research in its Mountain View, CA, facility while funding extramural collaborative research with major universities and other research labs and institutions worldwide, SENS calls attention to the immediate value and importance of this research. SENS also has strong involvement in multiple outreach projects including the yearly Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference and the Celebrity Reimagine Aging Campaign.